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Please Vote!!!

For Melissa’s sake..I’m posting this here also.. Cos’ in her office she can view only WordPress but not blogspot or xanga or any other…

VOTE FOR ESTHER!!!! sister is definitely not running for any election or whatsoever. But she desperately needs ALL you people to vote for her.
Because she is not an artist or any professional designer, yet she came out with a simple design for a bag flap. If she wins….
She’ll get a MacBook Air for FREEEEE!!!

And she’s gonna lemme use it.

So my dearest cousins and friends whom I deeply love
and people who visits my blog…
Vote for ‘our sister’.
All you have to do is click HERE…

When the page opens, click Vote for This Design OK?? Dun click on other designs ya. For that is very much prohibited even if they are nicer. hmmph!!

*If u are a very kind and helpful person, please copy and paste the link in your blog or website so we can get more people to vote. Your great support is very much appreciated.

If she wins there’s not much of a reward I can give you.. But I can surely share my Joy of owning a ‘MacBook Air’ with you, thank you!


will surely be overwhelm with gratitude for your help.

Arigato gozaimasu!!! *_*

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New Blog!!!

Hear ye! hear ye!!

I’ve got a new blog..

My wordpress is not close yet..

So you can still drop by leave me comment if you want to..

Now… Introducing to you

come and visit me, aight??? 😀

and for my friends out there..remember add this link too ya. *teeheehee

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After dinner, we called room service for 2 packets of ice. haha.. that was when the fun began…

Quinee doesn’t really drink liquor but she drinks Heineken. We were so kind that we allowed her to drink Vodka but not Heineken. LOL

We played ‘Black Jack’ and as usual losers drink. The game started ok. But it wasn’t very fun so Carmen suggested we play the game like the one in the movie ‘Casino Royale’. Whatever the name is, how to play it..I totally have no idea. Hadrian was winning most of the time, Quinee was losing BIG time! Within 30minutes she was all RED. Head started spinning and feeling very much sleepy. I on the other hand was losing too but many not because I was a bad player but because I was standing in for Quinee. She loses and I’ll drink for her cos’ I love her so much I gotta take care of her, right? *head spinning* Carmen being the kind one drank with me when I lose. So in the end she too was getting tipsy really fast.

Quinee getting really high at that moment. Her face was so red and she feels hot. I took a pack of icy cold water and placed it on her face. Placed it a little longer and she surely gonna get brain freeze. 😀

We couldn’t stopped laughing looking at her. She is so cute and funny. It was still early so she wasn’t allow to go to bed. haha evil us!

Icy cold water wasn’t enough. So to make her feel better I gave her a super hot towel and covered her face with it. The moment her face was covered..she was like aaaaaahhhhhh!! So refreshing.


She was a joker that night. She made us laugh so much. By midnight we were all feeling tipsy but Hadrian as usual was the one who was still kinda sober. They throw themselves on our bed and in the end we gotta escort them back to their beds and say goodnight.

Does she looks drunk or scary?? LOL






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Tioman (Day 1)

After checking-in, we headed for the chalet. Our rooms are attached side by side so yeah, very convenient for us. The chalet looks exactly like the one in Berjaya Redang just that the layout of the room a lil’ different. Not as impressive as I expected it to be but comfortable yes.

Knowing that food will be kinda pricey over there, therefore we brought some snacks with us. We have chocolate milk, tuna, chips, oreos, cup noodles and chocolates. Unfortunately, we forgotten something important which is the bread for our tuna sandwich.

Thinking that since there’s so many duty free and grocery shops out there, we would walk down to buy bread after breakfast. I tell you, mamak in Tioman is no mamak stall at all!! So darn expensive ok?? RM16 just for bread and milo each. !@#$%^&

The frustration over the RM16 for breakfast didn’t last long. Cos’ we had such fun time torturing the 2 girls (Carmen had gastric & Quinee was terribly sleepy) making them walk way too much. haha!! We thought the shop which is just 5 minutes from our resort would have bread but NO. So we continue to walk further down as along the road are all shops. *grin* Surprisingly every shops we enter didn’t have bread for human cos’ they sell only “fish’s bread”. Damn! We thought since everywhere there is duty free, people there only drink liquor and beer and don’t eat bread? Then this lady told us. “Roti sudah habis jual, bukan tak jual” (breads are all sold out, not didn’t sell) paiseh wei! Hadrian remembered seeing a bakery nearby so we continue walking. Little did we know, when we reached the bakery, we were actually near the Jetty *sweat*. Happily got us 2 loaves of bread. Not Gardenia, not High 5. But none other than local bread from ‘Shady’s Bakery’! RM1.50 ok? dun play play oh 😀

Next we stopped at the duty free shop. Got 2 bottles of ‘Absolute Vodka’ and 2 cans of Heineken (for Quinee cos’ she dunno how to drink liquor??) Then walked all the way up to our resort for there was no shuttle bus available. Feet was burning like i dunno what. Panting all the way up, sweating like mad guy and girls. It was madness!!


It was then noon time. Weather was freaking hot and yet the girls wanted to go for a swim. Quinee wasn’t that keen as she can’t swim. So Carmen conned her to teach her how to float but it was a total failure. 😛 At the beach we got ourselves a “beautiful” spot to rest at. It was the shed that made it beautiful. The view there has no view. Got what i mean? Nothing interesting, not beautiful at all. The water is neither blue nor green. it was grayish? or was it brown? Whatever it is, it was not clean lah!

The only thing which attracted me since we arrived at the jetty was none other than the “gigantic broccoli”.. nyek nyek nyek ^.^

Can you see it? Looks like a broccoli isn’t it? lol. That is the snorkeling area so i presume the water there will be crystal clear with colorful fishes swimming around.

I was enjoying myself looking at the ‘broccoli’ and Hadrian snapping pictures here and there while the 2 girls went swimming in the sea.

Mind you…not only the water wasn’t clear but it was covered with many many hundreds of dead and live corals. It was scary man. Can’t even walk in the water. I reminded the girls to be careful and not to go too deep. But i guessed they didn’t hear me cos’ they went quite far from the shore.

Not long after that Hadrian & I decided to join them. But we couldn’t stand the corals that was blocking our way. It was huge and rough and we didn’t wanna get out feet cut or scratch by the corals so we made a detour. haha.. as soon as we turn away, we heard voices calling our names for help.

“Canna jie jie!!!



They were Carmen & Quinee. Thinking they were joking to get us walk to them, we ignored them instead. I guessed something wasn’t right cos they call for us again and this time was in a more serious tone. Quinee looked panic and Carmen was swimming with one hand?? OMG!!! O.O

I told Hadrian..

“Quinee can’t swim and Carmen looks like she’s having leg cramps. Quick go to them!”

But we can’t go over to them cos of the scary corals, so Hadrian asked them to swim back slowly. Quinee was hoping with one leg holding onto Carmen and Carmen swimming with one arm moving. WTH??!! Next, nearing the shore Quinee said..

“Carmen’s both legs very pain. Got thorns. URGENT!!”

I was like WHHAAAATTT??? URGENT???”

Hadrian walked towards them while I’m still finding my way out of the water. He checked on their feet and he said..

“Dear..their feet got thorns. Cactus!!”

*sweat* me huh?? Thorns? urgent? now cactus?? *faint*

I quickly get out from the water and walked towards them. Carmen was really in pain. Both her feet had thorns in it. Thankfully Quinee only had thorns in her left feet which the pain was killing her.

What happened? I asked. Quinee replied ‘Sea Urchins’. (haha!! she was crying “SEA URCHINS” but I heard URGENT!! *shy shy*)

Sea urchin so nice in color but u can “See but NO touch!”

I panicked so got Hadrian to carry Quinee (who weight only 40kg) to the chair. Carmen was still lying at the shore. She is taller and bigger size than me (but she’s not ‘fat’ ya so dun get me wrong ok?). So it was impossible for me to carry her. Even Hadrian so fat and tall also can’t carry his own sister. He dragged her from the shore to the chair and they both fell on the ground. ROFL 😀 So a kind ang-mo (English man) helped carry Carmen. *phew!!! It was exhausting. hahaha!!

Some guard came to the help us. He said you can choose either to use the traditional way which is to use a bamboo or wood plank to whack their feet till you crush the thorns and let it bleed but they will be able to walk after 2-3 hours OR you can send them to the clinic ask doctor to jab but still suffer in pain and they can’t walk for a week. OMG!! A week he said?? Did I hear wrongly?? Definitely not.

So which method do you think Hadrian and I chose?? (the girls were in pain so it was not up to them to decide) *grin grin* Yup yup yup! Cruel but loving people like us chose the whacking method. muahahahahahahaha..

So the guard brought us some lime to rub on their feet to dissolve the toxic from the thorns and two very beautiful planks. Another guard came and told us to use vinegar and he was kind enough to bring us a bottle of vinegar. thank you.

The process starts from here…..

1st squeeze and rub the lime on the affected area

Then position the plank and get ready to whack!! yee haa!! (Quinee’s feet)

Carmen’s feet

You see..these guards came and help for awhile only. Hadrian and I were the one sitting under the burning hot sun whacking their feet while the girls enjoy the shed at the same time crying in pain. HEHEHE!!

It was tiring for our arms but it was really fun. Wanna know why? Imagine the person who is in pain is someone who annoys you totally or gets you up your nerves at all times and you are the kind one whacking his feet. Oh man!!! This is call ‘REVENGE!!!’ lol. Anyways..we love them both very much so our heart aches whenever they yell and cry. But we gotta do it. So they can enjoy their holidays isn’t it? nyek nyek nyek!!

Quinee was crying, laughing and yelling at the same time. Carmen was yelling at most time. Both are so cute.

Hadrian whacking Quinee’s feet

cheered her up by doing this?? hmmm…

Continued whacking and at one point it was so painful she couldn’t stand it she cried so much. Hadrian got scared asked me to take over and switched place with me. He took over Carmen’s feet. *ten ten ten* 😀

Think she’s smiling? dun be fool by it. She was biting her towel to control her crying while I try to pull out a very big thorn. Oh..and that really really hurts.

Carmen looks like she was in labor

Well..yeah..after 3 long hours us whacking and they crying in pain. They finally got up and slowly walked (limping) back to the chalet to rest.

We ended our day with no more activities outdoor. Hadrian and I went for dinner and left them both in the room for their feet were still hurting. For sure we won’t leave them starving so we bought them satay and fried rice for dinner.

And then was when the fun part began…

to be continue….


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Berjaya Tioman Spa & Beach Resort

Hohoho!! Finally take some time to write about the Tioman trip. This trip was planned at the very last minute. It is now the schools mid-term break so Carmen was bugging Hadrian to bring her to the beach. Langkawi is fully booked so we were lucky to booked for Tioman. And we brought Carmen’s don’t look alike twin ‘Quinee’ along (they both share the same birthday and are in the same class in school). It was indeed a very tiring trip but yet adventurous. We took a long 5 hours drive from KL to Mersing jetty. The road to Mersing from Kluang is crazy I tell you! Freaking dark and foggy. So eye straining you know? I’ve to keep myself awake to accompany Hadrian. Manage to snooze awhile when Carmen woke up. Reached Mersing at 5am and we were so glad that there’s ferry to Tioman as early as 6:30am. It took us 2 hours to reach Tioman Island so we slept all the way and we missed the sunrise 😦

Getting comfortable in the Ferry. ZZZzzzzz…

We arrived at the Kg. Tetek Tekek Jetty at 8:30am with our eyes half opened. When straight to catch the shuttle to Berjaya resort. So happy we didn’t have to wait for the bus for the bus waited for us. lol ^^

Result for not having enough sleep. haha so cute!

Managed to take this shot at the Jetty before we left for the resort. I think it looks like “mini Venice” do you? not?? O.o

On our way up to the resort we see nothing but duty free, duty free, duty free.. all duty free zone. *eyes wide open* O.O Wahhh!! duty free wei! means cheap liquor you know???!!!

Headed to check-in at the lobby at 9am (fingers crossed). Thankfully they had rooms for us so we didn’t have to wait till 3pm. Otherwise… *faint*


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I’m back from Tioman Island.

Tioman is just OK!

Nothing special..

but something farnee happened tho’

updates soon..

tataaaa!!! XD

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Off to Tioman Island!!

It is now midnight and Stephen (Hadrian’s youngest brother) officially turns 6 today. Celebrated his birthday few hours earlier because we are leaving for Tioman Island (without the little boy) in 2 hours time. Gonna take a slow drive to Mersing then catch the ferry at 8a.m. This is surely another adventurous trip for me as we like to drive in the middle of the night or i would say really very early in the morning.


Won’t be blogging till I return from my trip on Sunday. So till then…do stay tune ya?? Hahahaha 😀 Here are some pictures just for you to kill time looking at. 😛

This is the most best and perfect day for the little boy. Because he gets to eat all he wants. And not just ordinary food but all his favorite food; pizza, chocolate cake, all sweet stuff. LOL!!

Okie dokie..I’m being rushed. So I’ll see you all soon in here again next week. Man…this is gonna be fun fun fun!!

Adios now…woo hoooooooooooooo!!!! Off to Tioman Island!!! 😉 xoxoxoxo


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Cheerfulness removes the rust from the mind, lubricates our
inward machinery, and enables us to do our work with fewer
creaks and groans. If people were universally cheerful,
probably there wouldn't be half the quarreling or a tenth part
of the wickedness there is. Cheerfulness, too, promotes health 
and immortality. Cheerful people live longest here on earth,
afterward in our hearts.


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A day off from work

Yesterday was Wesak Day! Don’t ask me what is it all about cos’ I really have no idea. 😛 So yeah! It was a Public Holiday and it was a day off from work. After so long, yesterday was the best PH I had this year. Nope, no shopping, no food hunting, no window shopping, nothing. It was just a no going out day.

The weather was too hot to even enjoy going out. The sun is burning HOT i tell youuuuu!! I can’t stand the heat. It was like biting me bit by bit then eating me up completely. My skin melting under the hot sun in no time (like a candle). arrgghh..don’t even wanna imagine that. But it’s different if I’m at the beach. Because it will be windy. Strong wind blowing and hearing the waves and water splashing. Oooo…That’ll be relaxing. LOL 😀

That’s why I decided to stay home and not go anywhere. Hadrian is definitely very happy cos’ for the 1st time I didn’t bug him to bring me out. Spent the whole afternoon reading my book in the air-cond room and yesss!! I’m almost done with this book ‘Chocolate Run’ by Dorothy Koomson. Oh..reading this book makes me crave for chocolates and I had Hershey’s bar after that *yummy*.

It really was so relaxing staying home doing something I like which was reading. Wanted to watch P.S. I Love You and August Rush on DVD but was stuck with my book. Too interesting to stop. Well..DVD can wait.

I wish for more holidays like this. Just stay home, sit back, read my book or watch DVD and relax. It is so hard to get opportunity like this nowadays. Everyday is nothing but work work work. So BORING!! >.<

It seems like years to enjoy a day off from work. Next I’m going to hide myself in an island. Not for long but just 3 days. 😉

And it is coming soon!! Yee Haa!!

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Exam fear


OMG!! I can’t believe I’m doing this!

I’m freaking out! I hate exams. I hate test!


Four long years has past,

and now I have exam I must pass!

Industrial Relations is the subject

How I wish now I can reject!

Gonna study till late

And I hope it is not too late!!!


Exam phobia!!

It is going up my nerves

As I try overcoming the exam nerves!


“the pink hair is me” >.<

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